Friday, December 14, 2012

Broken Heart: Connecticut shooting

Everything seems so backwards today. My heart is breaking, and I am crying. Hunter asks, "What's the matter Mommy?" He hugs me and says, "Don't cry. It will be okay." The tears just keep coming. I remember wishing the world would stop along with me as I grieved for my lost babies. I wished people could understand what this was like. Today I take back that wish because the only way for someone else to understand is for them to feel it. I wish no one had to know what that pain is like. My heart aches for these families and for the world today. 

Hug the ones you love today and everyday! 

Today I feel fear creaping into my heart. I fear loss. I fear uncertainty. I fear The fact that I don't have control. What I have today isn't guaranteed tomorrow. I am choosing to not let that fear overtake me. I am choosing to let this be a reminder to not take anything for granted. I am going to do my part to bring goodness and love into this world. 

I ask that everyone who reads this post do me a favor. Make a point to do something kind everyday. Do something out of the ordinary to make someone smile. I know it won't bring back these precious children and adults that were killed today. I know It won't bring back our babies, but we can't allow this evil to win.

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