Friday, September 20, 2013

***Trigger*** Anouncment.....

An internal struggle has me feeling as though I should hold back our excitement. I have asked my self why. I think there is always going to be some fear about another loss, but I realized that my biggest concern is how our news might make other loss families feel. I know people say that it is best to wait to make announcements until a certain point in a pregnancy. The thought behind this is that the risk of problems goes down over time. From my experience, I found it incredibly helpful that friends and family knew about my pregnancies early on. The support I received after each loss was invaluable!

A friend who experienced a loss once told me that she went from almost hating other pregnant women, to seeing it as a sign of hope. I am hoping that my story can provide this sense of hope for others. So after that long explanation, I am here to announce, I am pregnant!  I had my first ultrasound 2 weeks ago. The baby was measuring exactly where he/she should be. There are no signs of problems at this point! I asked about when I will see the high risk specialist and was told, "I don't see any reason that you would need to." I couldn't believe what I was hearing.
I had an additional ultrasound today. Everything was perfect! According to our doctor, I will be 9 weeks tomorrow. As he talked us through everything, he used the word, "normal" repetitively. I am not sure what to think of that word. It is definitely nice to hear. Just a word that will take time getting used to. 

Ignorance is bliss, but a pregnancy following a loss has it's advantages too. Every day as I walk around tired like a zombie and nauseous as a child who spins on a tire swing, I am smiling knowing that each of these unpleasant symptoms is a reminder that my body is working hard to provide everything our little baby needs. Our goal at this point is to enjoy as much as we can about this pregnancy.

Our EDD is 4/26/14

Thank you all for taking this journey beside us. I really don't know what we would do without you!