Monday, January 27, 2014

**Trigger**Baby Girl Update: Falling behind in size

"27 Weeks and 2 days, 27 weeks and 2 days..... 27 weeks and 2 days..." This has been repeating in my head for a while now. That was the point our little Wyatt made it to, and that is the point I am at with this pregnancy. Too much free time lets my mind wonder, and I have been working hard to keep my thoughts positive, but in the night my dreams take over and fear creeps in.

In my dream, We entered the ultrasound office full of hope. At first everything seems fine, but suddenly the bad news floods in. The doctor looks at the blood flow and measures the baby size and says that we need to deliver her right away. I think to myself, 'This can't be happening!' There are a bunch of other weird complications, and I feel out of control.
I was so glad to when I woke up, but the worry was starting to creep into my day.
In my Real appointment, We enter the ultrasound office and talk with the doctor. Everything seems fine. The doctor checks the blood flow, and my heart starts to race. He then measures her and says, she is about 1.5 weeks behind in growth. I feel the panic start to set it, but the doctor assures me that I will be monitored weekly and recommends talking with a nutritionist/dietitian. He recommends that I keep track of my calorie intake and be sure that I am getting 2,000-2,200 calories a day.

I will now be seeing the high risk specialist weekly for blood flow and fluid checks. In 3 weeks he will measure her again, and if she is still behind in size, he will run additional tests and decided where to go from there. From my previous experience, I know that that means it is possible they will decide to induce me and deliver her early to be sure she is growing properly. Sometimes it is better for a baby to be out than in.

I am left wondering once again, Why? What is causing another baby to not grow properly. With Wyatt it was due to multiple blood clots and because the cord had a knot. The blood flow tests showed there was a problem with him, but so far our little girl doesn't seem to have any blood flow issues. So what is causing her to not grow? The doctor asked me to take in more calories, and I will be sure to do that, but it is not like I am not eating regularly or having problems with morning sickness still or anything.

It seems very strange to be seeing my regular OB every 2 weeks in order to try to prevent preterm labor, while seeing my High Risk doctor weekly to see if we need to induce me. Either way, it is looking more likely that we will be spending some time in the NICU. With all my experience with pregnancy complications and loss, I have never experienced what it is like to be a parent of a baby in a NICU, and I am really hoping I never have to.

From my research and from discussions with my doctors, I have learned that there is not much known about how much bed rest will help with preterm labor and/or growth issues. Most doctors and researchers claim that some restriction of activity is helpful. I am going to continue to spend most of my time on the couch or my bed. I am also going to make sure to eat more and be sure to get extra protein. I will also be meeting with a dietitian for help in that area. 

So many things about this pregnancy remind me of Wyatt, but there are so many things that are different as well. First off, the high risk doctor has a much better bedside manner, and I feel like I can really trust that he is taking every precaution. He explains everything and encourages questions. Our little girl is smaller than she should be, but she is already about 3 times larger than Wyatt was at this point. Another thing that is very different this time is that I have plenty of amniotic fluid, so her lungs are able to develop properly.

Some days are going to be harder than others, and today is certainly one of them. I am thankful that I will be getting to see her weekly and that I have 2 doctors that I trust on our side. Not to mention all the awesome friends and family supporting us! I will never stop thanking you all.

27 Weeks 2 days
1.5 weeks behind in growth
2.75cm Cervix length
1cm dilated
Perfect Fluid levels
Lots of movement
2 Negative FFN tests
Contractions controlled by Meds

Saturday, January 11, 2014

*Trigger* Baby Girl Stine: We have made it to 25 weeks.

We have made it to 25 weeks! Every week and every day makes such a huge difference for her development. We had a Fetal Fibronectin Test done at our last appointment and it was negative! This is a huge relief. These results mean that I have about a 1% chance of going in to labor within 2 weeks of the test. My doctor will retest every 2-3 weeks.

As for me. I am taking it easy still, but I have been getting up a little more each day monitoring my contractions. The doctors say bedrest hasn't been proven to make a difference, but I notice more contractions when I am moving around, so I am staying on the couch as much as I can. Brook will be going back to work on Monday, so I am working on figuring out ways to get Hunter to be more self sufficient. Luckily he starts preschool on Tuesday. It's just 2 days a week, but I am excited for him. He hasn't had much activity lately, and he hasn't had much time with other kids.

 I want to thank all my awesome friends and family for your love and support through out this pregnancy. It means so much to me to have so many people who already love our little girl. I am feeling pretty hopeful lately.