Friday, March 21, 2014

*Trigger* Baby Girl Update... Resting and Nesting at 35 weeks

Tomorrow we will be at 35 weeks! The last growth estimate(about 1.5 weeks ago) put our little girl at 3pounds and 11ounces. I was told at my appointment this week that those estimates are usually very inaccurate. The main thing they are looking for during the growth checks is that our little girl is continuing to grow. I was also told that if anything looks alarming with the fluid levels, blood flow, growth or NSTs, we are at a point that they want her out. Also if I were to go into labor on my own, at this point they wouldn't stop it.

Depending on the reason for delivery, we may be looking at a C-section or an induction. Once we reach 36 weeks, the doctors want me to stop taking the Nifedapine medication that is currently being used to stop my contractions. I have read that some people go into labor within 24 hours of stopping that medication all on their own, and others end up needing to be induced. I was also told that at 36 weeks I will be allowed and encouraged to move around more.

So, we don't know if I will be having a C-section, induction, or vaginal birth. We don't know if I will deliver in the next week or next 5 weeks. We don't know how big or small she really is. What we do know though is that as of now she is doing great with her NSTs and my fluid levels are stable and the blood flow to the baby has improved. There is no indication at this point that she is distressed. As long as this continues, they want to keep her in, but if any of that changes, sometimes being out is better than in even if she is small.

I am doing my best to lay low and relax when I can, and I am still working hard to keep my calorie and protein intake up. I do feel like I am in a nesting stage. I want everything ready for our sweet girl. It is a little frustrating to want to get things done while knowing the best thing for our little one is for me to rest. The good news is that the internet is a great place for shopping and planning for a baby, and my Mom has been able to come spend some time helping me get organized.

 It is fun to be in a planning and celebrating stage of this pregnancy! We have a baby shower scheduled, and everyday new packages arrive from orders I have placed. We have her stroller and car seat too! We are adding some ladybugs and butterflies to Hunter's room because at least for a little while, they will share a room. I love the set I found! There is still so much I would like to do, but I know even if she comes today, we have everything we need. I am getting so excited to meet our precious girl!

Now we need to work on choosing her name...