Tuesday, October 8, 2013

**Trigger** Dear Wyatt: Happy Birthday

Dear Wyatt,

I awoke this morning with a broken, yet thankful heart. Today we should be happily celebrating your 1 year birthday. Today I should be hiding gifts around house, so you don't find them to try to open early. I should be making sure my camera is ready, so I can capture all the amazing memories of the day. I should be anticipating how you will react to a whole delicious cake sitting within reach.I should be able to hug you tight this special morning and tell you,"Happy Birthday! We all love you so much!" Even without all the things that should have been, I am still thankful for you and thankful for surviving a whole year with out you.

I am thankful that I was blessed with the opportunity to carry you for 27weeks and 2 days. I am thankful I was given the chance to love you, fight for you and be your Mommy. I am thankful for the amazing people I now have in my life because of you. I am thankful for how much I learned about my family and friend's love for me and for you. I am thankful for how you make me want to be a better Mommy for your brother Hunter.

Today we honor you, but that will never stop. Today we talk about you and remember you, and that will never stop. Today we celebrate you, miss you and love you more than you could know, an this will never stop.

My little fighter, my sweet precious boy, Happy Birthday! We all love and miss you so much!

With Love Always


  1. You are a beautiful mother and he was lucky to have been with you, even for a short period of time. Thank you for sharing your heartbreak. It is a reminder to each one of us to cherish every second we have with those we love.

  2. That was so beautiful. Happy Birthday Wyatt! We loved all the time you spent with us. That song was soooo wonderful, so powerful. Congratulations on the baby on the way!! Bet Hunter and Wyatt, looking down from heaven, will be proud big brothers! =D