Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Honoring Wyatt

Today I woke up, and it felt like I was going through a crash version of each phase of grief. From denial to anger to questioning every impossible decision we were faced with. My main concern was figuring out a way to truly honor Wyatt. I worried that if I didn't do things exactly right or feel the "right" emotions I would be somehow letting him down.

  So how do you honor such a short life when that life made such a huge impact upon everyone one us? After many tears and a great appointment with my therapist, I realized that today was just a small part of a huge goal. I also realized that part of the advice to "take care of my self" is to allow myself to feel what ever I feel without judgement. This is something I will have to work on.We decided it was time to spread Wyatt's ashes. I had this beautiful plan in mind that we could spread his ashes at Galena Creek . I liked the idea that no mater where we are, I could find water and remember him. For so long I was worried to let go of the ashes. I felt like it was one of the last final things I could have a sense of control over. I have come to understand that control is only an illusion.

We took a few of his ashes and put it into a special memorial necklace. I put that necklace around the neck of a build of Bear that I made last year in his honor. The bear also has a sound recording of his heart beat. Although I know there is no way that bear could even come close to replacing our sweet Wyatt, I have learned that simple gestures like this are a healthy part of coping with grief.
On this beautiful crisp morning Brook and I took a walk and talked about our time with Wyatt. We took some flowers from our yard and let them float down the creek along side our precious Wyatt's ashes. It was a peaceful intimate moment that was perfect for us.

On October 13th, we will be participating in  A Time of Remembrance local event. During this time is when I will feel like I am truly honoring him. I am sharing the song I wrote, and giving a brief talk about our experience. I will be talking about the Spread the Love cards I created and some about a support group I helped to start. Northern Nevada MISS. 
I am going to honor Wyatt by creating a legacy for him. Because he was here, I have been changed. Because he was here, others will be comforted. Because he was here, random acts of kindness will be spread around the world.

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