Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Wave of Light Honoring all our Babies

October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. This evening at 7pm in all time zones around the world, people will be lighting candles in honor of babies lost. Last year this day came only a week after we lost Wyatt. It provided us with an opportunity to grieve a little more publicly than we may have with out it. I invited others to light a candle in his honor. I was overwhelmed with the photos and kind words that came flooding in.

We lit candles for our 5 precious babies as well as a larger candle honoring the babies of friends and family as well as those I don't know. 

At this time, I remember feeling like I was just going through the motions, and in a way I was. I remember asking myself, "Why do we use flowers to help people who are grieving?" "What is the point of these ceremonies and candles and such?" A year later I have an answer to those questions. It's because we feel it's all we can do. It's because a year later, a calming thought goes through your mind that "I honored those lives the best I could at the time." It's more for the people going through grief than the ones lost. It's all an important part of the healing process.

Following my earlier losses, I worked hard to push feelings away. I made a point to forget dates and stay away from anything that might trigger a tear. I did my share of crying, but I never really let myself feel the true feelings of the loss. I was scared that I wouldn't be able to handle it. I was scared that others wouldn't understand. I was scared that if I allowed myself to sink so low, I would never get back out. Those fears were around with Wyatt's loss as well, but I had a different approach with his loss. I surrounded myself with people I love. I allowed myself to sink so deep into my grief that I scared my self, but I did get out! I came out stronger and with a fight and a mission.

I love this song. Re-arrange Again

"Let it all out; let your guard down; let it fall down, and Re-arrange again."

No one should have to grieve in silence. No one should feel alone during a time like this. I will talk about my babies. I will live a life that honors them. I will reach out to others in pain and be that shoulder so many amazing people have been for me.

For more information about the remembrance day as well as the Wave of Light event tonight at 7pm check out this link. http://www.october15th.com/

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