Monday, December 23, 2013

*Trigger*: Baby Girl Stine: Concern for Pre-Term Labor

Following multiple losses, it is difficult to relax and enjoy a pregnancy. I just over 22 weeks pregnant and doing my best to enjoy the amazing wonders of growing life inside of me. Up to this point, things have gone pretty well, but today I had a bit of an alarming appointment with my OB, and I am back to limiting my activity, and we had to cancel our travel plans.

Although I would do anything for this little one, it is hard to sit still and wonder how things will play out. I have been having braxton hick contractions quite frequently, and some have been painful. I called my doctor on Friday and was put on a medication to help. The contractions have gone from about 4/hour to 4/day, so they are helping. My lavender essential oil has helped in between doses of medication.

We had an ultrasound today that shows our little girl is growing like she should. They looked closely at her heart as well and everything looks great! My fluid levels are perfect as well. These are all things that make me smile. They checked and said that I am 1 cm dilated and combined with the contractions, they are treating me to prevent pre-term labor.

I am all too familiar with the complications that can arise from an early delivery. I researched micro-preemies with Wyatt's pregnancy. Although she is already bigger than Wyatt was, her lungs are not developed enough to survive outside my body. Typically at 24 weeks they consider a baby viable. I have 2 weeks to go. That is a close goal I can focus on although I know that delivering at 24 weeks is not a good thing. I did also learn that girls tend to do better in the NICU. I am hopeful we will not have to find out.

So now I sit and try to relax. I am thankful our little girl is such a mover. Each kick, wiggle and roll lift my spirits. Although I hate admitting I need help, I will likely be asking for some help in the next few weeks. I am supposed to limit my activity as much as possible. That can be a difficult task with a 3 year old running around.With the holidays ahead, we should be surrounded with family, and I am thankful for that!

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