Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our Story: Our little Rainbow!! (trigger)

Rainbows have always been special to me. I love the idea that in order for us to see that beauty, we need a mixture of sunshine and rain. Pregnancy loss forums often call a baby born after a loss a rainbow baby. My life's storm stopped for a moment to give me the most amazing gift of my life. Hunter Alexander Stine was born September 19th 2010.

People often talk about silver linings. I believe one silver lining of losing our babies is how much I value the life we were given. These losses have made it very clear to me that Hunter is not something to take for granted. I get frustrated and tired just like any other mom, but I am always reminding myself how special EVERY moment with him is.

I am also learning to let go of fear. It is very clear to me that blessings in life can be taken in a moment. I suffered with terrible anxiety after Hunter was born. I feel like I sort of missed the first few months of his life. Instead of worrying about what would I would do without him, I am learning to just be sure to value every second of the time the world lets me have this joy of my life!

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